Duck Foie Gras Torchon- 5oz

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Foie gras torchon is the sister to foie gras terrine. The main difference is the shape and cooking preparation. Both terrine and torchon are made from raw foie gras and little else. “Torchon” means “dish towel” in French, since the foie gras was traditionally wrapped in a towel for cooking. Many prepared torchons are sold wrapped in a towel to make that historical connection. Today it's usually cheesecloth that's used to form the raw foie gras into a cylindrical shape. The wrapped, raw foie gras will be salt-cured for several days and can be eaten after proper curing. Some recipes call for gentle poaching in a pot of water or stock after curing. The process of making foie gras torchon takes a few days, as there is plenty of resting the liver between steps. Like a terrine, a torchon should stay in the refrigerator for a few days before serving, so that all the flavors fully develop.

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