Gifting Options

Whether you want to reward your employees, express appreciation to your clients, or simply want to share an amazing gift with friends and family, a curated gift box from Buckhead Butcher Shop is guaranteed to delight.


Create custom boxes with hand selected and personalized items for each client or choose from our predetermined options. Need help making a selection? Our gifting team can help make your giftee’s experience one to remember with a customized box to fit your needs and budget.

For gifting inquiries, contact Spencer at [email protected]

Custom Boxes:

Hand select and personalize your boxes for each client or choose from predetermined options.

Purchase Gift Card:

Still not sure what to get? We have gift cards as well! We are committed to making your gifting program a success.

Messages and Notes:

For personalized messages and handwritten notes, please give us a call or email [email protected].

Holiday Gift Deliveries:

We recommend placing orders for holidays as early as possible to avoid delays.