Our Story

Buckhead Butcher Shop is a boutique, family owned and operated butcher shop that launched in 2020 to fill a need when locals were having a hard time finding first-rate, restaurant quality proteins to prepare at home.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality proteins and specialty food products that are typically only found at upscale, fine-dining restaurants. This allows you to recreate that level of dining experience in the comfort of your own home.


Our proteins are hand selected, custom cut and aged, and are vacuum sealed to retain freshness. Unlike other butcher shops, we can source and special order almost any type of cut, rare game, seafood and more at no additional cost.


Need help or have a question? Our team is composed of passionate, industry experts from a wide variety of culinary backgrounds who are eager to share their personal knowledge, no matter if you are a professional chef or a first-time home cook.


We are located in the heart of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA and are committed to creating an unparalleled experience in-store, in your own kitchen, and at your dining table.